Welcoming a baby into your family and home can be a really exciting time in your life. It’s also a time to be considering how you are managing your health so that your pregnancy can be as healthy and successful as possible. This means making a plan of care for all different aspects of your health, including preferred avenues and methods.

Some women prefer to use alternative care methods, like using essential oils for relieving or helping with some pregnancy symptoms. It’s important to note that you should avoid using essential oils in the first trimester of your pregnancy and you should never ingest them—only inhale or use topically.

As always, it’s crucial that you talk with your doctor, doula, or midwife before using essential oils during the course of your pregnancy. They will know the ways in which these oils could react with any other prescriptions or treatment you may be using during your pregnancy. Some oils can have adverse reactions with other medications causing complications that could be detrimental to your pregnancy.

Here is a list of some oils you can use safely, and some which you should leave alone until the baby is born.




Lavender Oil 


Using lavender oil topically or via inhalation can help to relieve some stress associated with your pregnancy. It can help with sleeping through the night, nausea, and muscle cramps.


Ylang-ylang Oil 

Ylang-ylang oil mixed with lavender can help with sleep and muscle cramps. You may look into using ylang-ylang on its own, but it can sometimes cause headaches if used in intensive quantities.


Tea Tree Oil

You should not use tea tree oil in your third trimester because it can induce contractions. But it is safe to use in your second trimester for soothing swelling or irritation topically.




Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil used during pregnancy can stimulate contractions and so it should be avoided.


Sage Oil

Sage oil can be used purposefully by a trained midwife to stimulate contractions. However, you should not use it on your own because you may make your contractions too powerful. It can also potentially cause womb bleeding.


Juniper Berry Oil

This oil can affect your kidneys and so should be avoided during pregnancy.


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