Home remedies to ease painful feet problems


painful feetPainful feet problems occur as a result of tight-fitting footwear, bunion growth, or heel pain. An ingrown toenail, calluses, corns, and even fungal infections like athlete’s foot are just a few sources of foot pain and discomfort.

However, bad foot conditions can also stem from fatigue, defective foot structure, and an abnormal walking manner. Here are some easy home remedies that can relieve your feet of some of the discomfort and pain.


Wear shoes that are comfortable and of the right size


Get rid of old and worn out shoes that affect your manner of walking. For your shoes to be comfortable and prevent painful feet, you have to find a pair that fits you perfectly. To get a perfect fit, shop for shoes in the afternoon or late in the day when your feet already had a chance to expand. Another great tip for trying out shoes is to stand up while being fitted. Walk around as this will make you aware of any sign of discomfort or a bad fit. Give your feet enough space at the front of the shoes to avoid your toes being compressed.


High-heeled shoes can injure your feet over time


high heels cause painful feetWomen are more likely to develop bunion and hammer toe than men. This is because women wear high-heeled shoes and are inclined to use them for extended periods. There are varying views whether high heels cause bunions or not. However, they definitely can contribute to the condition by pushing down and compressing the toes at the narrow front end of the shoes.

Instead, consider using platform shoes. They can make you appear taller and put your feet to stay in a level and comfortable position. Do not use shoes with heels higher than two inches.


Soak your feet pain away


After a hard day at work, you can freshen and invigorate your tired aching feet by soaking them in water. First sit in a chair, and soak them in a basin of cold water.  After 5 minutes, soak them in hot water that you can comfortably tolerate. Repeat. This alternate soaking dilates and contracts your feet’s blood vessels to improve circulation.


Treat your feet with essential oils


Essential oils are a great way to pamper your feet. Add 2 drops of peppermint oil to a bowl of hot water. Add in four drops each of rosemary and eucalyptus oil. Soak your feet in this mixture for ten minutes.

A strong cup of peppermint tea is a good alternative if there are no essential oils around. Simply add the tea to the bowl of water. You can also mix a half ounce of arnica tincture to warm water to make a soothing foot soak. This can stimulate blood circulation to ease painful feet quickly.

Another way to have an invigorating foot massage to relieve foot pain is to use 3 tablespoons of sesame oil mixed with 3 drops of clove oil. Combine these oils well and massage your feet with the mixture.

You can also try another foot massage recipe using 2 teaspoons olive oil combined with a drop of geranium oil, a drop of camomile oil, and 3 drops lavender oil.


Try foot stretches to relieve heel pain


heel pain reliefHeel pain that occurs mostly in the morning can be a sign of plantar fasciitis. This painful condition is marked by the inflammation of the thick connective tissue between the heel bone and the base of the toes. Read Foot Stretches for Heel Pain You Can Do At Home and 4 Easy Foot Stretches To Prevent Heel Pain In the Morning to minimize the chances of heel pain. You can also try HeelAid™ to alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis.


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Use orthotics and shoe inserts


Orthotics and shoe inserts are two other methods of relieving or preventing heel pain that is usually caused by flat feet or fallen arches. It corrects unnatural walking pattern by altering the angle in which the user’s feet strikes the ground while walking.


Massage the soles of your feet


Wellness shops and health food stores sell rollers designed specifically to massage and stimulate the soles of your feet. This can help loosen the connective tendon under the sole and prevent painful feet usually caused by plantar fasciitis. As an alternative, you can roll your affected foot over a golf ball, a tennis ball, or a can of peas. Do this for several minutes.